Kamen Rider Double |ARC 11

A powerful crime family sells Gaia Memories to the citizenry of Fuuto who abuse the super-human abilities gained from them. Shotaro and Philip use Gaia Memories of their own to combine into one who is powerful enough to stop them: Kamen Rider Double!

I Have No True Teammates |KHQS 30

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 30 we meet a young woman who might just be Domon Kasshu's match. Allenby Beardsley is an undefeated up amd comer who has one every match in less than 60 seconds. How will Domon fair against her?!

Kamen Rider Decade |ARC 10

Kamen Rider Decade sees Tsukasa Kayoda's world on the brink of destruction. He and his friend Natsumi travel through the worlds of the 9 Riders to save their world. As Kamen Rider Decade, Tsuakasa can use the power of the other Riders.

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