Kamen Rider Decade|ARC 10

Kamen Rider Decade sees Tsukasa Kayoda's world on the brink of destruction. He and his friend Natsumi travel through the worlds of the 9 Riders to save their world. As Kamen Rider Decade, Tsuakasa can use the power of the other Riders.

Please Fight My Brother |KHQS 29

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 29, Sai Saici finds himself in love and shirking his responsibilities. When Cecile turns out to be his next foe's sister Sai is thrown for a loop. Will he honor Hans with a full-spirited match and risk sending Cecile away?!

Competing Against Myself – Day 9

As long as my scale isn't broken, it looks like I lost 5.5 pounds from Sunday May 12 to Sunday May 19. I was so shocked by this and doubtful of the scale working properly that I decided to weigh myself once more this morning.

Shinobi 03 |MJ♡Toku

Kamen Rider Shinobi wraps up with a one-two punch of slice of life warmth and foreboding hints at an overarching plot I doubt I will ever see closure on.

Competing Against Myself – Day 5

Yesterday my throat started hurting. It got worse and worse until by around 8:00PM I didn't want to speak more loudly than I whisper. I can't afford to fully get sick and miss out on work, so I decided to sleep more and not out additional strain on my body from working out.

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