Fat to Fit – Week 2 – JAN 15-21

Starting Date: 12-26-2022

Starting Weight: 210.1

After a 12 day challenge, I dropped 7.7 pounds.

New Baseline: As of 1-06-2023 202.4

Going forward I will continue to use Intermittent Fasting (IF) and a low carbohydrate diet, close to Keto to achieve further progression.

Goal Weight: 154 Pounds (according to BMI)

Weekly Goal: 3 Pound Reduction

After Week 1: 201.7, down 0.7 Pounds week to week; 8.4 Pounds overall


After Week 2: 199.1, down 2.6 Pounds week to week, 3.3 Pounds overall




F: 8P-8A, E: 8A-7P

Weight: 204.6

How did I eat? Mostly clean. I DID have popcorn on this regular day. I would prefer to have it only on my cheat day. I also had 2 squares of chocolate with almond. So, yeah, I cheated yesterday, out of schedule. That is not good. Especially because I had a big gain from my weekly Saturday cheat day. I need to hold off more on my diet rest day. I didn’t fast at all 1/07 and that wasn’t good. I fasted 1/14 for only 12 hours and that went better. I did have extra bread and a few cookies and the results were clear. I ate much 1/15 and I think that lead me to 0.9 drop going into 1/16



F:7P-4P, E:4P-7P

I forgot to bring any sort of food to work and I decided to tough it out and just fast until I get home. I will be having a cup or 2 of black coffee before I head home. I plan to stay in control of myself and I anticipate a decent drop going into 1/17. Let’s see what happens.

Weight: 203.7 (down 0.9)



F:7P-4P, E:4P-7P

Weight:199.5 (down 4.2)

I forgot to weigh myself this morning after a hectic night. I had 1-2 liters of coffee and black water before I weighed myself at home just before breaking my fast.


21:3 (down 0.2)

Weight: 199.3



Weight: 199.5 (up 0.2)

I doing 3 days of 21:3 in a row too much? Is my body adapting to it and the effect is not as profound? What would my weight have been had I weighed myself early morning 1/17 instead of right before breaking my fast? Would it have been a more gradual step to the next day? That makes sense. There are 2 other factors that may be giving me trouble. FIRST, I have had popcorn and a little bit of maple syrup in whipped cream and hot chocolate over the last 2 day. I have been “playing with” the long IF as a way to cheat on eating cleaner. I think that is the biggest issue. The SECOND problem is my sleep has been horrendous the last few days. I can only do so much about the sleep. I will do a 12/12 fast today and I will eat CLEAN today. I plan to break my fast at 7A with coffee with heavy cream. I brought yogurt for later on and I am having chicken drumsticks with sautéed green beans for dinner. I will avoid any other non-whole foods. I am curious what effect that will have on me.



Weight: 199.5 (no change)



Weight: 199.1 (down 0.4)

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