Fat to Fit – Week 5 – FEB 5-11

Starting Date: 12-26-2022

Starting Weight: 210.1

After a 12 day challenge, I dropped 7.7 pounds.

New Baseline: As of 1-06-2023 202.4

Going forward I will continue to use Intermittent Fasting (IF) and a low carbohydrate diet, close to Keto to achieve further progression.

Goal Weight: 154 Pounds (according to BMI)

Weekly Goal: 3 Pound Reduction

After Week 1: 201.7, down 0.7 Pounds week to week; 8.4 Pounds overall

After Week 2: 199.1, down 2.6 Pounds week to week, 11 Pounds overall

After Week 3: 197.1, down 2.0 Pounds week to week, 13 Pounds overall

After Week 4: 200.8, up 3.7 Pounds week to week, 9.3 Pounds overall


After Week 5: 199.3, down 1.5 Pounds week to week, 10.8 Pounds overall


Last week, I did not do well with my IF. 12:12 is not an adequate interval. The plan for this week is to push myself to do 20:4 fasting with a break on my Friday night to Saturday night cheat day, followed by another 12:12 going into Sunday. The weekend is tough to deal with. I can easily eat away progress over 2 days. I might need to push myself to keep up with IF on Sunday, too. It is much easier for me to maintain a fast while at work. I am away from home which has plenty of food and I am also occupied with my business. I don’t typically take food to work. I can’t get what I don’t have. I do have a supply of black coffee at work and I have been drinking that, as well as hot water with real salt in it. When I do that, I can easily drink a liter of water and then just one cup of coffee. Last week, which was taxing on me for a few reasons, I drank multiple cups of coffee with heavy cream everyday. Was it just the stress and exhaustion I was treating? I don’t know, but I do wonder if indulging so much in something clean or good, put me in a mindset to indulge in other areas? For example, I went off plan S 2-04 and the weeks before by having tortillas when they are not on my plan. I need to harden myself against that. I hope the 20:4 will help me make better choices in the long run.



F: 8P-8A, E: 8A-8P

Weight: 204.6 (up 3.8) THIS IS 2.2 UP from 1/06/2023, which was my new baseline… This is not good.



F:8P-4PM, E:4P-8P

Weight: 203.9 (down 0.7)



F:8P-5P, E:5P-8P

Weight: 201.7 (down 2.2)



F:8P-2P, E:2P-8P

Weight: 199.5 (down 2.2, again. That’s odd… I like it but the same drop 2 days in a row, seems funny)



F:8P-4P, E:4P-6.5P

Weight: 198.8 (down 0.7)



F:6.5P-2P, E:2P-7P

Weight: 198.4 (down 0.4)



F:7P-8A, E:8A-8P

Weight: 199.3 (up 0.9)

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