The Monthly Update: July 2019

Ongoing Short Story

Numbered Days

A young man loses the will to live. He decides to go out with a bang, but when his plans are ruined by the end of the world as he knows it, what can he do?

Numbered Days represents a shift in my approach to writing. For too long I have stewed and mulled over my plans for stories. I have decided to push myself to just write and publish the stories I have as quickly as I can. I had an outline for the story this story, but I am letting go of it and seeing where the ideas take me. I expect some things will creep in from my old outline, but the prologue, Numbered Days Zero, is the outline for this iteration of it and the first part coming July 5, 2019 is not what I had expected at all. I plan to release one part or chapter each week.



King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows

Mobile Fighter G Gundam review series

Another Rider Cast

A review series sampling the debut episodes of every Hesei-era Kamen Rider

MJ Loves Toku

This show is an excuse to talk about any tokusatsu that I watch. The release schedule is just about once a week and I will jumping from show to show as it pleases me.

On Hiatus

Going Ultra Season 3 (Coming Soon)

Netflix announced a second season of the ULTRAMAN anime!! I will be covering it when it comes out

I spent 13 episodes analyzing the Tsubaraya Productions collaboration with Netflix: Ultraman an adaptation of the 2011 Ultraman manga to computer graphics anime. It was a lot of fun. I hope they do another season. Ultraman is officially very cool.

Future Projects:

-A collection of charming stories about breastfeeding: More Than Milk

Superheroes Get Hungry, Too

-An anthology of fun rhymes about superheroes and food: Superheroes Get Hungry, Too

Swinging Through Comics

-Prepare for an ongoing review series of Spider-Man comics