The following are a collection of links for your convenience as well as mine.


Recypher is my YouTube Channel. I will be actively linking to the videos posted to YouTube here on Luminous Beings as vlogs, which you can find on the menu above.

King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows – Reflections on G Gundam

King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows publishes a few times a week. You can find it on the blog here. Follow the link below to subscribe and follow along as I work through G Gundam. Mobile Fighter G Gundam ran for 49 episodes, so I will be doing somewhere around 50 as I discuss it from start to finish. Most episodes of KHQS are 5-10 minutes long.

Going Ultra – Weekly Review and Analysis of SSSS. Gridman

Going Ultra is a weekly podcast hosted over at the TOH Network. The show is only 12 episodes long, so this podcast likely won’t be much longer than that. We’ll see how deep the show is and how much I want to talk about it when it is all done airing by early 2019