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MJ Loves Toku is my excuse to talk about tokusatsu whenever I feel like it. Kamen Rider is my main area of interest in the wide world of toku, but I enjoy Super Sentai and Ultraman as well. Check out my reviews and lets talk some toku if you like.

Another Rider Cast is a review series wherein I sampled all the Hesei-Era Kamen Rider debuts from Kuuga to Zi-O. It was a lot of fun and it could be a great jumping on point for you to check out a Hesei Riders. I assessed each show based on premise, design and cast.

I mentioned I have a growing interest in Ultraman. I started Going Ultra to review SSSS.Gridman and went on relaunch the series as Going Ultra 2 where I have covered the Netflix Ultraman anime as well as the YouTube exclusive Tsubaraya Production Ultra Fight Galaxy: New Generation Heroes