I am giving up on traditional publishing for now. The process had been draining. The dream is still there, but I am not convinced that it is something I need to pursue. I don’t like the process and I want to retain control of my work. Self-publishing offers that opportunity. I am willing to invest in some current manuscripts and risk that they will be absolute failures. I have confidence that they will be successful and I will keep writing and growing regardless.

February 2022

I have another new book written for another series for a younger audience. I will also need an artist for this

I have reworked the background of the Grobug series and I feel confident about pushing the series forward. My wife did advise me to add at least one more book to the series which sent me into a tailspin. I have since gotten my bearings straight. The plan is to push off Grobug 2 for now, so I can write Grobug 4 or is it 0? It may become the first in the series. Grobug 2 would get pushed back to February, Grobug 3 to March. Would I be able to find an artist for 4 books to publish them by the end of April? I am not sure.

A friend is working on art for MTM, my breastfeeding book. That book is standalone and can be launched on its own. When? I am not sure. Early 2022 is the hope. I need to make a plan for it.

Look here for updates on the status of my books.

Stick around for my analysis, art and writings as I work on these bigger projects.

I am planning to keep “writing in public,” so you can get a sneak-peek at the Grobug series and more.

I made a rig to record drawing sessions.

I plan to get back to regular, consistent analysis soon.