The Monthly Update: June 2019

Current ongoing projects:

King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows

Mobile Fighter G Gundam review series

Another Rider Cast

A review series sampling the debut episodes of every Hesei-era Kamen Rider

MJ Loves Toku

This show is an excuse to talk about any tokusatsu that I watch. The release schedule is just about once a week and I will jumping from show to show as it pleases me.

Completed Projects:

Going Ultra Season 2

I spent 13 episodes analyzing the Tsubaraya Productions collaboration with Netflix: Ultraman an adaptation of the 2011 Ultraman manga to computer graphics anime. It was a lot of fun. I hope they do another season. Ultraman is officially very cool.

Future Projects:

-A collection of charming stories about breastfeeding: More Than Milk

Superheroes Get Hungry, Too

-An anthology of fun rhymes about superheroes and food: Superheroes Get Hungry, Too

Swinging Through Comics

-Prepare for an ongoing review series of Spider-Man comics