About This Blog

Luminous Beings means a lot to me. That phrase calls to mind a grand nature that exceeds the normal bounds of reality. Without indicting the state of Humanity, the thoughts represented by those words are hopeful and optimistic.

We are here now.

Where could we be if we put the work in?

What can we do to make ourselves better people, who radiate warmth and compassion?

Those kinds of thoughts are fundamental to how I view the world and what I want to say to you about it. This blog is a target for me. I am to post here regularly so that soon, I will have a finished work to share with anyone who is willing to hear what I have to say. Don’t worry, I know it has to be entertaining, so I am not going to preach to anybody. I demand that the stories I enjoy have meaning and depth, beside being exciting and dramatic and I want to make those kinds of stories. I want my words to grab hold of you and leave a mark.

I think I have interesting ideas and I think I can share them with you in inventive ways. That is why I will continue to publish original works of fiction here thrice weekly. I have a lot to say and am balancing this along with a job and family. I have given myself permission to fail and am excited to learn from those mistakes and grow beyond my current limitations.