I love podcasts, so I have made some of my own. I enjoy a wide range of media and have lots to say about the stories I consume. I also think the idea that EVERY podcast has to go on forever is silly. I think an alternate way to think of podcasts is that each one is an independent product meant to explore a different subject. That being said, I present to you a collection of all the podcasts I have made

Swinging Through Comics – Swinging Through Comics is my series for reviewing, analyzing and discussing comic books. My focus will be Marvel Comics because I like them. Spider-Man is my favorite, but who knows, that may change as I go swinging through comics.

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Status: Ongoing

King of Heart Queen of Sorrows – King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows, is a podcast about Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Join MJ for analysis of every single episode of the bombastic G Gundam.

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Status: 50 episodes. Complete.

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Another Rider Cast – Join me as I sample the first two episodes of every Hesei-Era Kamen Rider from Kuuga to Zi-O.

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Status: 20 episodes. Completed

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MJ ❤ TOKU – I love tokusatsu (particularly Kamen Rider, but others, too) and I thought it would be nice to talk about it as it pleases me.

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Status: Ongoing 


Going Ultra – SSSS.Gridman is a spin-off of Ultraman made by Tsubaraya Productions and Studio Trigger. I took the opportunity to watch the show and review it as it came out (more or less) weekly. This was my first serious exposure to Ultraman.

Status: 13 episodes. Complete.

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Going Ultra 2 – Reviewing and analyzing Ultraman (2019), the Tsubaraya Pro and Netflix collaboration.

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Status: 13 episodes. Complete.


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