Competing Against Myself – Day 9

As long as my scale isn't broken, it looks like I lost 5.5 pounds from Sunday May 12 to Sunday May 19. I was so shocked by this and doubtful of the scale working properly that I decided to weigh myself once more this morning.

Competing Against Myself – Day 5

Yesterday my throat started hurting. It got worse and worse until by around 8:00PM I didn't want to speak more loudly than I whisper. I can't afford to fully get sick and miss out on work, so I decided to sleep more and not out additional strain on my body from working out.

Competing Against Myself – Day 2

This is a disaster. I don't know exactly what happened, but I only slept of 2.5-3 hours last night! I almost forced myself to workout, but I thought about it and decided against it. I think that would have been a foolish move.

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