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Henshin Inspection is a slow burn project. There are multiple series that fall under the umbrella of Henshin Inspection, such as Rider Tears, Sampling Super Sentai and Going Ultra. Those shows are more simple reactions to the content. I will collect data to add to my overall Henshin Inspection as I gather my thoughts on the genre and what exactly it means and how it is expressed through a variety of stories.

Latest Episode

Tokusatsu, Ultraman, Tsubaraya Productions, Ultraman Z, Yuka, Horoboros, Shinya, Henshin Inspection, 16, The Lion's Cry

Keep Analyzing – Ultraman Z 16 Analysis |GU 25

Henshin Inspection Presents: Celebrate Ishinomori 2021

The Legend of Zelda Comic Showcases Shotaro Ishinomori’s Mastery – #CelebrateIshinomori 2021 |STC 56

Charming, Graceful and Vengeful – Poitrine 02 Analysis| #CelebrateIshinomori 2021

Henshin Ninja Arashi 01 Analysis| #CelebrateIshinomori 2021

Robot Detective 01 Analysis| #CelebrateIshinomori 2021

Robot Detective 02 Analysis| #CelebrateIshinomori 2021

All Episodes


Who Am I? |HI 0

What is a Henshin Hero? |Henshin Inspection 00

Why Does this Matter? |Henshin Inspection 000

What is HAPPENING in This Galaxy?! – UFG: The Absolute Conspiracy |GU 1

Huh, You Too? |GU2

It’s Not Conspicuous |GU3

Kabuki Attack! |GU4

Unexpected Things |GU5

I’ll Protect Everyone |GU6

Long Time No See – Ultraman Z 06 |GU7

Show Some Spirit! – Ultraman Z 07 Analysis |GU 8

Show Some Spirit! – Ultraman Z 07 Analysis |GU 8_v2

Show Me How a Warrior Fights- Ultraman Z 08 Analysis |GU 9

Keep Your Guard Up- Ultraman Z 09 Analysis |GU 10

Something is Wrong With Me – SSSS.Dynanzenon 01 Analysis |GU 11

Greed Knows No Bounds – Ultraman Z 10 Analysis |GU 12

We Protected It – SSSS.Dynanzenon 02 Analysis |GU 13

He Won’t Last Like That- Ultraman Z 11 Analysis |GU 14

Kaiju Defy Common Sense – SSSS.Dynazenon 03 Analysis |GU 15

The Responsibility for Taking a Life – Ultraman Z 12 Analysis |GU 16_v2

Far From Okay – SSSS.Dynazenon 04 Analysis |GU 17

Let It All Out – Ultraman Z 13 Analysis |GU 18

Act Natural – SSSS.Dynazenon 05 Analysis |GU 19

Those Within Reach – Ultraman Z 14 Analysis |GU 20

Think Positive – SSSS.Dynazenon 06 Analysis |GU 21

We Grew Apart – SSSS.Dynazenon 07 Analysis |GU 22

Swallow the Darkness – Ultraman Z 15 Analysis |GU 23

Anywhere Is Fine – SSSS.Dynazenon 08 Analysis |GU 24

Keep Analyzing – Ultraman Z 16 Analysis |GU 25

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