King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows – Reflections on Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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King of Heart Queen of Sorrows is a podcast about Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Join MJ for analysis of every single episode of the bombastic G Gundam.

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This Ain’t No 14th Gundam Fight…

Featured Episodes

Behind Every Great Man… KHQS 9

I love the romance melancholy on display. There are cool fights, but Manon and Rain are the HEAVY hitters in this episode. They both get to do so much neat stuff. It’s really interesting to me that they exist in the background of this show and the men in their lives, but they are as vital to them as the air they breath.

Full List of KHQS

Introducing King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows! – G Gundam Podcast

Gundam Fight 1: Domon Kasshu VS Michelo Chariot – KHQS 1

Rain Seeks and Destroys – KHQS 2

Shaolin Shakedown – KHQS 3

Love Stinks – KHQS 4

One Big Russian Bot – KHQS 5

What Was Lost – KHQS 6

A Shot at Happiness – KHQS 7

Haunted – KHQS 8

Behind Every Great Man… – KHQS 9

Why Not a Ghost Story? – KHQS 10

Rain is a Blessing – KHQS 11

Timeline – KHQS Data Dive 1

G Gundam Personnel Files – KHQS Data Dive 2

The War Between Fights – KHQS 12

“Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Woman!” – KHQS 13

“Oh. You Mean My Evil BROTHER!” – KHQS 14

“The Soul of a Martial Artist” – KHQS 15

“Shut UP DOMON!” |KHQS 16

“The Art of War” |KHQS 17

“Rioting in the City” |KHQS 18

“Big Boys Don’t Complain” |KHQS 19

G Gundam 20 Review |KHQS 20

G Gundam 21 Review |KHQS

G Gundam 21 Review |KHQS 21

G Gundam 22 Review |KHQS 22

G Gundam 23 Review |KHQS 23

G Gundam 24 Review |KHQS 24

G Gundam 25 |KHQS

G Gundam 26 |KHQS

G Gundam 27 |KHQS

G Gundam 28 |KHQS

Please Fight My Brother |KHQS 29

I Have No True Teammates |KHQS 30

Purple Mountain Majesties |KHQS 31

Did I Get Him? |KHQS 32

Just Hold On George? |KHQS 33

You Want to Talk About BUNS? Get Yours OUT OF HERE!! |KHQS 34

“You Sure Know How to Make Me Happy CHIBODEE CROCKETT!!” |KHQS 35

“Just This One Time, I Wish to Fight Only for Myself!!!” |KHQS 36

“I Shall Value This Meal Greatly.” |KHQS 37

“Your Own Two Fists Have Shown Me the Light to My Soul” |KHQS 38

“The Final Sunset to Humanity” |KHQS 39

“The Final Sunset to Humanity” |KHQS 39.2

“The Strength of Your Love” |KHQS 40

“My Enchanting Little Dark Gundam” |KHQS 41

“Hey Mister, Are You Prepared to Give Your Life?” |KHQS 42

“Stay Alive” |KHQS 43

“KYOJI!!!” |KHQS 44

“Look! The East is Burning Red!” |KHQS 45

“Galloping Hooves and Cries for REVENGE!” |KHQS 46

“Have Faith in Me” |KHQS 47

“Grasp Happiness” |KHQS 48 + 49

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