I Have No True Teammates |KHQS 30

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 30 we meet a young woman who might just be Domon Kasshu's match. Allenby Beardsley is an undefeated up amd comer who has one every match in less than 60 seconds. How will Domon fair against her?!

Kamen Rider Decade |ARC 10

Kamen Rider Decade sees Tsukasa Kayoda's world on the brink of destruction. He and his friend Natsumi travel through the worlds of the 9 Riders to save their world. As Kamen Rider Decade, Tsuakasa can use the power of the other Riders.

Please Fight My Brother |KHQS 29

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 29, Sai Saici finds himself in love and shirking his responsibilities. When Cecile turns out to be his next foe's sister Sai is thrown for a loop. Will he honor Hans with a full-spirited match and risk sending Cecile away?!

Shinobi 03 |MJ♡Toku

Kamen Rider Shinobi wraps up with a one-two punch of slice of life warmth and foreboding hints at an overarching plot I doubt I will ever see closure on.

G Gundam 28 |KHQS

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 28 Domon finds himself stalked outside the for assassination by a SECOND Gundam Fighter! What is going on with this show?! With this tournament?!?

Shinobi 02 |MJ♡TOKU

In addition to the review, I thought it would be fun to list all the ninja techniques I can think of and see what has been used in Kamen Rider Shinobi so far, as well as where I encountered them.

Shinobi 01 |MJ♡TOKU

I remember a few years back before Gaim premiered, one fan with a large collection of Kamen Rider figures and memorabilia liquidated his entire collection as he rage quit the franchise. I couldn't help, but be amused by that over-reaction. I never wanted to be that guy, so I rolled with Zi-O as it didn't appeal to me, but I hung around and my patience has been rewarded.

Kamen Rider Kiva |ARC 9

Kamen Rider Kiva features stained-glass vampires of with various animal forms who prey upon unsuspecting humans. It also features other humans, some in 1986 and others in 2008, who fight to stop the Fangires from draining the life out of people. It seems the folks in 1986 let a few slip away, but our agoraphobic protagonist with a superiority complex, Wataru turns into Kiva to shatter the ambitions and bodies of these creatures who stalk the night, and sometimes the day.

G Gundam 27 |KHQS

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 27, Domon is injured by the leader of a group of kids who infiltrates his HQ and high jacks Burning Gundam! The deadly and devious Chandra Sijiema of Neo-India exploits his injury and pushes Domon to the brink of defeat!

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