“I’ve Got the Winning Formula!” Kamen Rider Build |ARC 19

An evil organization abducts innocent people and terms them into mindless monsters who do their bidding. Kiryuu Sento, brilliant physicist lost his memories when they experimented on him. now he fights the Smash and steals their essence, freeing his fellow captives from their nightmarish bandage. He makes use of the essences to increase his powers as Kamen Rider Build.

“I Believe in Myself” Kamen Rider Ghost |ARC 17

Takeru Tenkuugi is dead, killed on his 18th birthday by a couple of Ganma trying to steal a gift sent by his dead father. Luckily this gift allows him to become a ghost and transform to fight and beat the Ganma. The problem is he only has 99 days to collect all 15 Heroic Eyecons to save himself!

Just Hold On George? |KHQS 33

In G Gundam 33, George De Sand faces Chapman. He's back from the grave and stacking up wins! Marie Louise discovers that Wong is connected to the Dark Gundam, but what can Neo-France do about that?

“You’re Coming Along for the Ride!” Kamen Rider Drive |ARC 16

Washed out police officer Tomari Shinnosuke takes up the mantle of Kamen Rider Drive to stop the 108 Roimudes from doing crimes. This race of artificial intelligence beings has vague destructive designs and only Shinnosuke can stop them. Assisting him is Kiriko a fellow officer, a talking belt who can drive a car and the misfits of the Special Crimes Unit.

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