The Hammer Falls

A clattering batters his head. He spits an expletive as nails scatter like raindrops to the chipped anad stained tile below. Jay squeezes his eyes shut for a few moments and blows out a sharp breath. Resigned, he slowly climbs down from the small ladder. It's probably the nicest thing he owns.

Numbered Days – Day Two

Ready to die, Ash decides that he will live his last days to the fullest. His plans are ruined by some people at school, he thinks they are as useless as he is and decides to end them as well.


My phone screen in cracked!
I am typing this on a physical keyboard, which feels fantastic by the way, on my wife's cheapo refurbished laptop she bought on Amazon months ago when a cat knocked down her previous laptop.

10 Minutes is ALL I Have! + Audioblog

Due to time constraints and the typically high level of exhaustion I am working at, I can either stop writing or write when and what I can. Because I am so set on writing, I have decided to due just that and set aside time for myself to write what I can within a set time. These 344 words were wrought in the space of 10 minutes.

Foot AND Hand In Mouth + Audioblog

Almost as soon as I began my endeavor to write every day, or at least 5 days a week, I was dealt quite the blow. Actually it was the family who was dealt the blow, I was like the table they got knocked into as Hand Foot and Mouth disease struck the lot of them.

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