Just Hold On George? |KHQS 33

In G Gundam 33, George De Sand faces Chapman. He's back from the grave and stacking up wins! Marie Louise discovers that Wong is connected to the Dark Gundam, but what can Neo-France do about that?

I Have No True Teammates |KHQS 30

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 30 we meet a young woman who might just be Domon Kasshu's match. Allenby Beardsley is an undefeated up amd comer who has one every match in less than 60 seconds. How will Domon fair against her?!

Please Fight My Brother |KHQS 29

In Mobile Fighter G Gundam 29, Sai Saici finds himself in love and shirking his responsibilities. When Cecile turns out to be his next foe's sister Sai is thrown for a loop. Will he honor Hans with a full-spirited match and risk sending Cecile away?!

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