“I Don’t Know What To Do” |STC 3 v2

Issue #3 shows how Peter had it all: a beautiful wife, two healthy children, a successful business that enables him to help others, including keeping his ailing aunt alive into her 90's and the fulfillment of helping people as Spider-Man and he let it slip away.

I Have Nothing |STC 2

Spider-Man Life Story is a 6 issue mini-series exploring the life of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Issue #2 seems to explore a theme of greed or ambition. Peter, Norman, Harry, Professor Warren, heck even MJ, are all trying so hard to get or hold on to something that they are turning away from what is right in front of them.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

I was reticent to see Spider-Man Far From Home because I had a lot of issues with Spider-Man Homecoming, but I decided to give it a try. I have mixed feelings, but I have decided that this Spider-Man just isn't for me. My thoughts on the movie itself go deeper than that.


I had a good workout today. One of my favorite aspects of the gym I attend, is how the sense of competition, pushes me to do more and perform better.

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