Superheroes Get Hungry, Too – Author’s Note

I struggle to remember how I came to the point where I abandoned my novel and have embraced this children’s book. I don’t know how I can be so comfortable setting aside a project I already out so much work into. I do know one thing: the title, “Superheroes Get Hungry, Too” was the starting point.

For years I have been working on story elements and character designs based on other people’s work. It’s been a great time, but my energy needs to go towards something of my own. I had been doing long-term research for a novel, which I still intend to write. While taking breaks from AXIS (that’s the working title for the novel) I would work on pet fan projects. It was frustrating when I developed solid ideas for other universes, I had fun, but I could only do so much with other people’s basic ideas. My wife and I were discussing how I could redirect my work, when our eldest presented us with a title for a children’s book: Superheroes Get Hungry, Too. We had been toying with the idea of a children’s book, but I  refused initially because I wanted to write my great novel. The title was good, though. It sang and soon it was an earworm. Looking at sheets of notes and sketches spread across the table, it played in my head again. I was hooked.

The novel was on hold and I determined to publish a book featuring colorful superheroes and humorous food related circumstances and topics.

Present day. 

The book is written. All my rhymes are set. The costumes have all been designed and redesigned. I have notes on all the characters, their personal lives, and what they do when they transform or suit up. I enjoyed developing these characters and I would like them to live beyond the pages of a children’s book. They have stories to tell and I want to hear them.

All New Rebirth of Infinite Crisis

I decided to lean into the comic book aspect of the book. I’m a casual reader of comic books, so I did some research to help me get across an authentic comic book experience . I found that despite some of my issues with comics, I really enjoy them. I am actually infatuated with the medium. I want to make comics now.

I don’t have enough skill to draw them myself, so I am working to find an artist who can help me tell these Tales of Luminous Beings.

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