Creating a Universe

Marvel and DC Comics have each been working on creating an interconnected world for their heroes to inhabit. Each company has spent years in movies and television shows introducing viewers to characters who know each other as well as artifacts, enemies and common goals that unite them. They have taken different approaches and have both been successful. I’ve enjoyed watching them and am excited to try my hand at creating a universe.

Superheroes Get Hungry, Too will show a select group of heroes from around the world. I’m not quite ready to go intergalactic, but if the people demand it, I may just have to let them have it! Anyway, I have always disliked the feel of dozens of superheroes operating in a city of millions, but maybe that could work. Regardless, I have chosen to sprinkle my superheroes about and start them all of with more narrowly focused stories.

The thread connecting my superheroes is morality and a sense of connection to their distinct homes. They don’t just defend a geographical location, or something as broad as the planet or humanity. In the Tales of Luminous Beings, these heroes will be helping strangers, acquaintances and even people they don’t like because it is moral. Also, there are at least three superheroes who have the ability to teleport, so if a serious threat bursts through a wormhole, they can throw together a team to neutralize the problem before top many people get hurt.

I don’t know all the details of how I will connect the big handful of characters I’ve created for this little project, but they will all be connected in spirit.

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