Coo – Just Hunger – Bio

Tippi Stone lost her mother and gained a stable home, but it didn’t quite fit. Her grandparents loved her and they did their best, but there was an emptiness to all of it. They couldn’t seem to connect to her, to make her laugh and smile like her mother did.

From a distance, she watched them struggle for years. She had silently cursed and resented them until she came to understand the source of their plight. They weren’t alone in their hardship, and in time she found a way to help.

Like so many others, she was powerless as a citizen, but as the vigilante, Coo she fights for the humble and the proud. Coo strikes suddenly and fades into the crowd. Coo soars overhead and glides through the streets. Coo stops criminals and corrupt officials who profit taking advantage of the ignored and dismissed. Coo cries out the call of rebellion.

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