Finding Purpose- Hollow’s Confession – Pinnacle

I sleep no longer. I rest when he allows it.

My time is not my own. I spend hours honing my talent for a man I do not know, a man who I owe.

I wish this man had never found me, healed me or given me purpose. I wanted to be somebody, to do something. I wanted to have the life I never though I could. Now I have the ability to seize that life for myself, but it is and will always be out of my reach.

I wanted to run and play and help out with the simple things that I knew my sister grew to resent, like I’m sure she resented me.

Sister and father, I wonder if they miss me. Do they think I am dead? Are they relieved? Are they better without me?

What is this wasted life for? Why did I live? Is it all for his ends? He told me he had a plan for me. To trust in him and fulfil my purpose.

Perhaps I will find peace in the purpose he has given me. Perhaps I owe him the debt. Perhaps in paying it, I will find freedom.

-Hollow, finding purpose

“Pinnacle” is the working title for a Fantasy novel by Matthew Muñoz. The speaker in this passage, “Hollow,” is a key supporting character who has a huge impact on the story.

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