Writing About (Not) Writing- Four

I have been struggling for some time to find the balance which will enable me to do my job, be present for my family and enjoy life while still getting enough writing done every week. I also have to worry about sleeping, getting exercise and all the unexpected challenges that arise every few days. Therefore, I am putting my thrice weekly publishing goal on hiatus at the time of this writing. My plan is to build a buffer for my creative works so that I can continue to publish without delays in the future. Taking the time now to focus on writing out my own story for the sake of continued introspection and catharsis should help me to change as a person and help me to have a less stressful life as a writer and publisher of original fiction, poetry and maybe some political commentary, too.

My goal when I decided to passionately pursue writing a few months ago, has been to write three to five days each week and to publish three times each week. I figured this would allow me to get ahead of myself and that my buffer would gradually build. That hasn’t been working. I have been late with publishing a few times and got sick, so I took a week off. If I had a backlog, I could have published while under the weather. Going forward, I want to do that. I am very serious about writing. I love doing it. I want people to enjoy reading and hearing my words. I want to make money from writing and in order to do that, I must act like a professional; I must treat writing and publishing as a job. Setting and meeting goals that are clear to me and any potential audience is very important.

For the next while I will be writing an introspective series of articles on my background and how it relates to my writing. I still intend to publish three times a week because writing about myself is fairly easy, if much less comfortable, than continuing fully creative work. I am crafting a bit of a narrative, but it will be more like journaling. You can expect armchair psychology and some flowery language. I hope this series will be entertaining and insightful.

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