10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 2

“I have figured it out. I know who you are behind that mask!” he plucked a plume from his suit and threw it with surprising speed. Unbelievably, the quill pierced the heavily plated armor.

With an electric shock, the silver and black suit’s heads up display filled with personal information, from online history to real life name and location. The Crusher plucked it out and let it drift to the floor, stomping it under foot.

“You and I both know that doesn’t change anything.” He chuckled.

“You aren’t Gatekeeper material, not now and not then! Do you really think what you’ve done here will make you anything more than a loser, the loser we always knew you were?”

The Crusher let out a deep modulated bellow and sprinted towards the scrawny, mocking knight. He had no chance against such superior speed and strength, not in this domain. Seized in an iron grip he would soon be nothing more than a bad memory.

“Arturo, the only loser here is you.” the Crusher cocked back a powerful fist, weighted with enough hate and bitterness to fill a planet and prepared to unleash it all, but froze at the captive’s last word.


10 minutes. 200 words.

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