10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 4

I couldn’t look away so I shut my eyes tightly.

I heard a gravelly voice shout something I couldn’t understand. The ice spinning me in place seem to sharpen and spike.

I thought for sure that I was being bitten by the strange entity that it was going to eat me where I stood. I cried out but nothing happened. After the moment I open my eyes the entity was turned away from me. Something else had its attention.

“If you want him, you’ll have to get through me!” the gravelly voice called out.

Just like that that little cat had turned into a man. Not a man like me, but a cat man. He stood on two legs and had a long tail and was covered in fur. His eyes flashed just like a cat but he spoke. He spoke out in my defense and taunted that thing that was attacking me. The strangest thing was that thinking about how he taunted the thing help me feel a little bit better.

The whole situation was so out of this world that my emotions were all over the place. I actually chuckled as my life was hanging in the balance!

The cat man cocked his head to the side and winked at me! I must have looked like an idiot the way I was grinning, but I couldn’t help but feel so much better. The stinging cold that held me in place evaporated and I was able to move again. I didn’t have much time to relax though as the two of them went back to fighting.

The Hunter lunged at Tux, who moved with such grace and flare I couldn’t tell if he was just playing with the thing or what. I quickly saw that he was serious though. He lured the entity far away from me and seemed to goad it into fixating solely on him. And it worked the thing must have tagged him a handful of times, but Tux was scratching back and I think he even bite it once or twice. The whole thing was a noisy affair, I tell you. I thought all the racket was liable to draw out the neighbors!

10 minutes. 368 words.

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