10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 7

His heart beat so quickly at the sight before him.
How long had he been living this lie? It didn’t matter, he decided.
“Now is the time for you to take your place. Now is the time for this dream to continue uninterrupted. Now is the time for you to sleep, that I should wake no more!”
He took a deep breath as he stared up at the terrifying mess before him. His throat caught and a hazy twinge pinged from his heart to the middle of his throat. The sight almost literally struck a chord in him. The pain that contorted the visages before him, was a pain he had known all too well. It was a pain he had tried to ignore and had succeeded in forgetting for a time.

He touched his hand to his breast. As if putting pressure against his heart could stop its painful throbbing. He wanted so badly to soothe them and he was afraid that he had to still and silence them forever. His throat locked and he forced himself to swallow hard just to catch his breath. He tried to inhale again, closing his eyes to help him focus on what he had to do and not on how much it would hurt him. Shuttering sighs stole the breath from him. His head spun. He squeezed his eyes tighter and brought his other hand to his breast as well.

Those two hands had been through so much over the course of his life, particularly in the time he had spent drawing closer to his suffering friends, turned against him. Those hands against his heart had been touched by every one of them. A chill spread over his body as he felt theif feelings touching his heart, giving him strength. Some of them had touched his hands with tenderness, others with harshness. They had been held in comfort and clutched in need of help and rescue. Their hands had strengthened his heart and now he would act to do what he must to save them.

10 minutes. 343 words.


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