10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 8

Grey State of Mind

Grey was lost. He was being weighed down by the sum of his journey thus far.

Not long ago he had wished for his ordinary and frustrating high school life to end. He wanted to be out of that situation. He wanted to be out of his sister’s shadow.

This was not what he had imagined. At first he didn’t know what to think, then he was afraid about what would happen to him and the others. As they discovered more about the new world, he saw an opportunity to advance himself. More like, he was finally being recognized as better than most other people. But that was an illusion.

He wasn’t better than anyone else. He wasn’t even better than half of the screwed up people who stuck with him. A glorified gossip queen, a teacher who was constantly going off on kids, but couldn’t be fired and a privileged elitist who judged everyone as lower than him. Those were the people who embraced him. No. He was the one who had embraced them.

He wasn’t going to act noble. He didn’t know what to say or do because He was so conflicted about how they had all lucked out. He was terrified about the state of the world. But it had its advantages. No one was left to make him feel like he wasn’t her. The locals were generous to a fault. It was a beautiful, peaceful place. He didn’t even miss his parents.

10 minutes. 246 words.

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