10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 14

“It look like there was so much rock, that I could never dig it up. I thought about going back to shore, but something didn’t feel right. I floated above the stone and saw a pattern begin to emerge. I think the swirling sands had etched its way through the stone over time.

The dim light still glowed and held my attention, so I swam down to it again. This time, I decided to try something else. I listened to the rock. The dim light or the stone itself still seem to be calling out in a hushed tone.

I let myself sink again and put my ear to the dim spot. The sounds definitely seem to be coming from it. I closed my eyes to concentrate on what it was saying. I had to fight to stay close to it as the currents were rocking me back and forth. I worked out a way to relax and to go with the flow. That’s when I heard it. The sounds from that tiny, dim spot on the rock were a message for me.”

10 minutes. 183 words.

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