10 Minute Writing Challenge – Day 15

“The spot whispered to me,“Strong as the sun. Swift as the sea. Sure as stone.”

It fell silent and the dim spot faded entirely. The heat and warmth in my chest faded.

“I shook from the cold of the water. I began to feel heavy and looked up above me. The silver light was gone. It was as if the moon disappeared. For a moment, dread gripped me. As I felt my feet hitting the stone I realize that I had to hurry back to the surface. I gathered my strength and pushed away from the rock. I shot straight up, swimming as hard and fast as I could. Praise the Lord, I made it to the sand without any issues. I had been so far from shore.

“Anyway, from that night on, I meditated on those words, but it would be some time before I understood their meaning.”

10 minutes. 150 words.

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