Writing About (Not) Writing- Six

You want to know the funny thing about me taking a month off of publishing my writing?  I actually did get some writing done. I did not write a lot, because I wasn’t forcing myself to, but I did force myself to do some reading.

The time off of publishing written work has been nice. I have taken the time to rework certain aspects of the Cosmic Cadets even further. I have taken the time to play around on YouTube and figure out how I can grow my presence there to assist me in calling attention to my writing. I don’t want to bore you with that, especially because I didn’t crack any code and gain a huge audience or anything.

As July was coming to a close, I started to think about writing again and I decided that I would pursue something that I should have had done a couple months ago. I think it was around my birthday last year that we met with our midwife and she had mentioned that she was looking to build a library of books for young children whose mothers are her clients. I fully support my wife’s birth and mothering decisions, so I told her that I would write a book about breastfeeding. It is a children’s book with rhymes and pictures. It depicts mothers in various situations with their babies and older children, feeding their children in the most natural way. That book is about one third done, as far as the script as is concerned. Over the month of August I will finish the script and my wife will help me find an artist who will make the illustrations. After that is done, I will return in earnest to getting Superheroes Get Hungry, Too published.

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