Writing About Writing- Eight

[Length 3:07 – Audioblog of text below]

So I have been actively back to the blog for one week and I have some thoughts on this new experience. It is a bit draining. If you haven’t been following the blog, I have published more than just the one “Decyphered” blog this week and last week. I need to find the balance in all of this. Writing is my main passion, but it isn’t the only thing I enjoy. Before I get too far into introspection on the new workload I have given myself, I want to focus for a bit on one of the best developments that have come out of all this: the Audioblogs.

I have been using Audible off and on for years. I really enjoy it. It is so nice to be able to listen to a book. Star Wars books are really cool because they have additional sound design elements that make them even more exciting to listen to. Other audiobooks take a far simpler approach: a competent and clear reader, reads the words on the page. There is a range in the level of intensity that varies by production house, I would assume. Regardless, I have always been bothered that there isn’t more audible-type content available out there, so I decided to produce it. Every blog post I make from now on, yes including this one, will have an audioblog version published as well. I don’t know how many other authors are doing this, but I think it is a neat feature. It actually helps me to catch errors in spelling and grammar. I also pick up on unclear sentence structure as well. I think the best approach will be to make and publish them in tandem. My biggest difficulty is knowing which is best: to publish them in a single post or in two separate posts? Should the blog and audioblog be published more or less simultaneously? I can schedule them to be published one after the other, so that they are available at the same time, whether they are in one post or two. I will keep playing with it to see what works best.

Do you have a strong feeling either way? Please leave a comment letting me know.

This is a bit technical, so please indulge me. If you really don’t want to, I guess you can stop here. Now then, with Decyphered for Sonnet 1, I added the audioblog after the blog post had been published. For Sonnet 2, I published it in a separate post. The audioblog is actually posted and hosted originally on YouTube, then embed into a blog post here on LuminousBeings. If I end up earning money off this blog, I may invest the +/- $300 annual to host all my video and audio here, but for now using YouTube is a thrifty and easy way to do it, especially because it saves me from having to utilize Archive.org which has a slightly decreased utility when working directly from my phone. Using Archive.org to host audio is a breeze from the computer, but not so much from my phone which is where most of my work gets done. That’s all for now. I don’t know if Writing About Writing will become a regular series or not. Do I have time for that? We shall find out together.

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