Who is My Ally? – Scriptural Meditation

But Jesus said to him, “Do not forbid him, for he who is not against us is on our side.”

Luke 9:50

This is an interesting bit of advice.

I am somewhat active on social media where people have disclaimers in their bios. In the current political climate, having said or joked about the Wrong Thing years ago can be cause for celebrities to be banned, disavowed and excluded from certain activities.

I’m no celebrity. I hardly have any following at all, but months ago I worried about being lumped in with the wrong crowd. When I started seeing more nuanced disclaimers in bios like “Likes & RT =/= Agreement,” I was comforted. I had a feeling of commiseration. It emboldened me to make note of things more freely. A few months back I stopped caring at all how I might be associated with others.

The Anti-War folks I follow are a diverse crowd. Some are secular and very vulgar, making all manner of unacceptable jokes. Some of which are hilarious to me, others distasteful. Some people in the broader Anti-War movement sound borderline Antisemitic. I actively support Jews in Israel, donate to Chabad and have close personal relationships with Jews. I study Torah and the Bible almost every day.

When I see others with differing political alignments agitating against senseless war and immoral bloodshed, I ignore those negative traits and focus on the fact that they are for me in this regard, if only in this regard.

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