Reaching Those Far Off – Scriptural Meditation

“Man, who made Me a judge or an arbitrator over you?”

-Luke 12:14

Messiah was criticized over and over again for associating with sinners and tax collectors. He reached out to these people because they were far off and he wanted to bring them close. The mission of the Messiah, which he stated himself again and again in the Gospels, is to draw humanity into a close and loving relationship with the Almighty.

If the Messiah who is perfect chose not to make himself a judge over others, then how much more so should I be careful not to judge others. Putting myself in the seat of judgment does not help me to connect to those who are far off. It drives a wedge between us and blunts my ability to get through to them. I think I should strive to set aside my presumptions and negative  judgments, so I can take people for who they are and have the best experience possible with them. I would think that this would make me a better person, benefit those around me and it may even help me be a positive influence on a stranger who I would have otherwise written off.


I study the Bible multiple times each week. Each time I do, at least one line or idea really stick with me. I want to spend time meditating on those, so I have decided to share them here.




Main Scripture- Luke 12:14 (12:13-15)




Support Scripture- Luke 15:1-7


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