Kamen Rider Brain 01 |Toku Vlog

The power of the mind is incredible. It can dream up inspiring fantasies and weave toxic threads that ensnare the unsuspecting. I feel the call of the echo chamber. The human mind loves to be validated and  have its biases reinforced. I don’t like Kamen Rider Drive. At the end, I almost hated it. I chose to ignore the fact that there was a Kamen Rider Heart (movie, short, special?) story that continued the narrative of Kamen Rider Drive. When I heard that there would be a Kamen Rider Brain I was gobsmacked. I wondered how anyone could want that, but I put it out of my mind. Again, if anyone wants to enjoy it they can, and I would rather not waste my time or energy on hating it. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out. Some of Drive’s trademarked unfunny visual humor made its way into Brain 01. It reminded me of just one part of Drive I found frustrating. I am going to keep an open mind about this mini-series as it goes on. It had some interesting visuals to offer and some of the humor was enjoyable.

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