Monthly Update

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Ongoing Projects


I looked it over and shared it with some friends and I decided that More Than Milk needs a nearly full rewrite! That wounds my pride a little, but I can take it. I want the book to be great and it will likely benefit from all the work I have done on it. I had lost focus on the conceit and it turned into something like a series of confessionals or journal entries instead of pithy and sweet informative passages. My target is to finish writing MTM by Friday November 29. Then I will have to speak to an artist about illustrating it.

I have also been writing Scriptural Meditations as I trek through the Bible. I am currently working through II Kings. I am reading a chapter at a time and working out a pithy message from it. I wanted to do this daily, but have slowed down the pace to really absorb each chapter before I make something of it.

Numbered Days feels like a refuge for me when I am at my worst. When I started writing it in its current form a while back, it felt very cathartic. I feel like I have grown some since then and I am in a better place, so it is a little hard to go there and write it. I also feel pressure to FINISH More Than Milk before I get too deep into any other writing. I also need to learn how to write it consistently. My goals in life include being happy, but that story flows from pain, at least at the start. I think this will be an interesting experience to write.


Swinging Through Comics, my comic book review series is up and running. The audio-podcast version of it has a modest audience that I have seen grown over the couple months of its life. The YouTube channel has pitifully low numbers. I haven’t even hit 10 subscribers. I am curious to see how it grows over the next year.

MJ Loves Toku is currently following Kamen Rider Zero-One with rapid 10 minute reviews. I have seen the YouTube presence double since I started focusing on Zero-One two months ago. That’s nice. Curiously MJLT and STC have very close numbers in the audio-podcast.

Going Ultra is back. Tsubaraya Productions is making dubs of a YouTube exclusive show so that English speakers can enjoy it. I am covering that: Ultra Fight Victory New Generation Heroes. They have also released BD collections of their Ultra Q and Ultraman shows. I picked up the first season of Ultraman and will start reviewing that soonish.

Completed Projects

The Hammer Falls – a short story, available in text and audio format

Another Rider Cast – Sampling the debut of every Hesei-era Kamen Rider

King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows – Reflections on Mobile fighter G Gundam

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