2020 March Update, Podcast, Writing

Monthly Update – March 2020

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Ongoing Projects


After finishing the manuscript and feeling really good about it, I asked some nice people on Reedsy to help edit my query letter because I would like to see the book released through a traditional publisher. I got some brutally honest feedback for More Than Milk and decided that it needs ANOTHER nearly full rewrite! Yes, I decided to rewrite it in October 2019 and then again in February 2020. This is my fourth or fifth version of MTM. I don’t think it resembles any of the stuff I put here on the blog anymore. That is probably for the best. Anyway, my wife and I have been re-writing the manuscript together and I hope we can be done before April. Then I will work on it with an editor, come up with a new query letter and then submit that to a publisher.

Numbered Days is on hiatus. I worked on it a bit recently, but much of that time was spent reviewing notes. For now I may just dabble in drabble to keep me putting something out.


Swinging Through Comics, my comic book review series is up and running. The audio-podcast version of it has a modest audience that I have seen grown over the couple months of its life. The YouTube channel has low numbers. I have around 13 subscribers and I think I just lost one the other day. I am very much doing what I want and not trying to capture a particular audience. It has been fun to dive in to so many vintage comics.

MJ Loves Star Wars is a bonus/side series that is published along with STC. In it, I am indulging in my love of Star Wars and talking about it in various ways: theories, speculation, Season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and more.

MJ Loves Toku is currently following Kamen Rider Zero-One with rapid 10 minute reviews.

Going Ultra is on hiatus.

Completed Projects

The Hammer Falls – a short story, available in text and audio format

Another Rider Cast – Sampling the debut of every Hesei-era Kamen Rider

King of Hearts Queen of Sorrows – Reflections on Mobile fighter G Gundam

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