Ignored Alarm, Thought it Was Sunday |Drabble

Last night I was supposed to meet someone at this bar. They never showed, but then we met and it was so great. Just talking to you, I just- Look. I was fired today. Ignored alarm, thought it was Sunday. Woke up thinking last night was a dream! And you know what? I’m glad. These last 18 hours have really opened my eyes. I have things to do, dreams to chase. I’d like you to be part of my future. If this is the last time I see you, I hope you have an amazing life. You have my number.

A six word story came to me this morning. I recently heard the idea behind this was that the sentence had to have a certain momentum. The idea that so few words could tell their own story and link to other stories before and after them feels so fresh and inspiring to me. It started with this: Ignored alarm, thought it was Sunday.

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