A Question of Priorities: The War In Yemen VS COVID-19

Listen to this article plus commentary from the author

COVID-19 has killed over 3,000 people in the US. Government and Media figures are attempting to rally people to combat it.

Over the last 5 years the US has supported the Saudi-led  War in Yemen which has killed 85,000 CHILDREN from malnutrition ALONE -link

Trump could end US support of the Yemeni genocide right now, but he doesn’t want to make the Saudis mad and lose out on Arms sales to them. -link

Obama started off the US supporting the Saudi-led War in Yemen which “the UN has estimated if the war ended in 2019 it would account for 233,000 deaths, 140,000 of those deaths being children under the age of five.” -link

Almost 48,000 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 and “The world” is taking action to stop it. Why aren’t more people worried about stopping the War in Yemen which has killed more than 233,000? Why do so many turn a blind eye to it? -link

BUT WAIT, There is MORE!!! Trump is sending Naval forces to Venezuela to supposedly fight the War on Drugs which has harmed millions of marginalized American citizens and harmed so many outside of the US as well. Meanwhile US soldiers defend poppy fields!  -link

ON troops defending poppy fields for opium production in Afghanistan -link

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