Glass Shattered, Like So Many Smiles |Drabble

Let me tell you how my Easter Sunday went.

We were on this hilltop overlooking the prettiest sight. About half way through Sunrise service, a mess of squad cars roll up on us.

The lead officer pops out and starts barking. Said we were endangering public health. He wasn’t even wearing a mask. None of them were! The pastor’s wife tried to jump out the car and he busted their windshield!

A lot of church folk were arrested that day. A lot of them learned to question the police, too. After all, who was it arrested, beat and killed Christ?

Author’s Notes

Another Drabble inspired by a six word story and recent events. It started with this: Glass cracked, like so many smiles. I thought that one up more than one week ago, I believe. Anyway, I changed “cracked” to “smashed” because I wanted to have actual glass break in the story and for it to be upsetting to a group of happy people. I think the Drabble conveys that.

Anyway, if you don’t know about it, you should check out the infringement of civil liberties happening in response to the current crisis. I haven’t been to a Sunday service in yeara and it will likely stay that way and yet I think the cops had no excuse to abuse their authority like this.

LINK – People Arrested, While Politicians Flaut Quarantine Rules

LINK – Drive-In Church Goers Fined $500

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