Canvas| #Tokutember2020 Day 8

I don’t really do street art, but there is someone or some ones in my area who tag “BECOME” in a couple places and I really like something about it. I took inspiration from that and have Coo in front of this “BECOME MORE” message that she put up.

She lives in an extremely corrupt city and she fights for the little guy, abused by politicians and police. Her original, more Western comics iteration is a skater. Her levitation powers allow her to fly from rooftop to rooftop and do wild acrobatics as part of her fighting style. Both versions are equipped with special spray paint shooters. She uses spray paint and paint balls to help her fight and to help spread her message by tagging messages where she has been doing heroics.

This is a tokusatsu version of my character Coo. Coo and Magma Girl both come from the Munyiverse.

Coo is based on a pigeon, the punkest of birds. She makes the city her canvas as she fights injustice and cries for revolution. I figure she has a custom paint ball gun mounted to her left forearm and the right is rigged to connect to cans of spray paint tucked into her bag. I was very much going for 90’s extreme when I made her a couple years ago. I LOVED the Rocket Racer/Big Wheel episode of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon (it was just one episode, right?) and have wanted to make a skateboard riding super hero for a long time. It just looks so cool! I figured in a pinch they could use the skateboard to bash someone and that led me to this rebel, renegade place with the character.

Keep coming back as I tackle the rest of the prompts throughout September. I am determined to make it every day this year!

Looking over all these prompts has my wheels spinning and I really want to make a little toku-inspired project for kids. I am thinking something about health. Maybe three little adventures in a single book with a team composed of an homage to Sentai, Rider and Ultra. I don’t really draw cute, so I would love to chat with a more versatile illustrator who would be interested in working together.

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