Rusted| #Tokutember2020 Day 16

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.

I guess this would be a kaiju fighting robot. It’s plainly inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion. I figure it’s old and rusted, but it can still be called into action if the need arises. Did you know that military equipment can last for a long, long time? In 2016, India retired a 57 year old air craft carrier. The US is scheduled to deploy stealth fighters on a 38 year old air craft carrier. That’s pretty impressive.

Keep coming back as I tackle the rest of the prompts throughout September. I am determined to make it every day this year!

Looking over all these prompts has my wheels spinning and I really want to make a little toku-inspired project for kids. I am thinking something about health. Maybe three little adventures in a single book with a team composed of an homage to Sentai, Rider and Ultra. I don’t really draw cute, so I would love to chat with a more versatile illustrator who would be interested in working together.

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