2020, tokutember, 18, fins, mermaid, merman

Fins| #Tokutember2020 Day 18

2020, tokutember, 18, fins, mermaid, merman

Lurking in the murky waters, nothing can escape from THIS merman!

2020, tokutember, 18, fins, mermaid, merman

I started participating in Tokutember in 2017. I have pushed myself to draw more each year. I also have pushed myself to drew better each year. This may be the most dynamic pose I have drawn. I certainly had the most fun to date drawing this. I only wish I had saved the skeleton so I could show the progress. I actually wish I had given him a more full arc of motion. I will strive to increase the dynamism and document these better as September marches on.

Keep coming back as I tackle the rest of the prompts throughout September. I am determined to make it every day this year!

Looking over all these prompts has my wheels spinning and I really want to make a little toku-inspired project for kids. I am thinking something about health. Maybe three little adventures in a single book with a team composed of an homage to Sentai, Rider and Ultra. I don’t really draw cute, so I would love to chat with a more versatile illustrator who would be interested in working together.

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