Tokutember 2020, day 26, distressed, tokusatsu, featured

Distressed| #Tokutember2020 Day 26

Tokutember 2020, day 26, distressed, tokusatsu, transparent

Under fire, feeling the heat // in distress, he escapes defeat

This was slightly embarrassing at the time, but this is actually a self insert character. I wanted someone like Marvel’s Watcher to bookend and narrate a kids book I wrote and I thought it would be fun to make a scribe/bard character based on me to some extent. This guy was even my profile pic for a while. I didn’t intend to make any actual stories with him, I just wanted the chance to have him pop up in stories every now and then, so I could comment on them. I have this whole shared universe idea and Scribe was going to help with exposition. I still kind of like the idea of using him that way. I do really dig the design. It’s super simple, but it works. I’m a big fan of ponchos, I wear glasses, have beard and write, so I rolled all of that into his design. The glasses even look a bit like the frames I am currently have, though exaggerated to make for a design and he has Kikaider-style eyes as a nod to Ishinomori, whose work I really enjoy.

Keep coming back as I tackle the rest of the prompts throughout September. I am determined to make it every day this year!

Looking over all these prompts has my wheels spinning and I really want to make a little toku-inspired project for kids. I am thinking something about health. Maybe three little adventures in a single book with a team composed of an homage to Sentai, Rider and Ultra. I don’t really draw cute, so I would love to chat with a more versatile illustrator who would be interested in working together.

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