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Captain America Comics #12 January 5, 1942*
Captain America: “The Terrible Menace of the Pygmies of Terror”
Captain America: “The Case of Rozzo the Rebel”

Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Al Avison

*I got the “on sale date” listed above from Mike’s Amazing World of Comics, a resource I will lean on more in the future [LINK]

The inside cover to this book boasts that it is NEW! DIFFERENT! EXCITING! I have to say it does deliver. The plot with the shrunken gangsters was fun. Cap and Bucky getting shrunken was different, especially who they had to fight. I have some qualms about the overall finish of the art, but it almost feels like it is being pushed into new areas and the novelty alone is dazzling me. I don’t care if you can draw a shoe well. If you get a well drawn shoe to kick Cap and Bucky, that’s something else!

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