The Story So Far |4

This is being published late because I held out hope that I would get some querying down by early Friday afternoon. It didn’t happen and the weekend caught up with me.

Weekly Goals:

-Query More Than Milk

-Work on Query letter for The Dragon’s Treasure

-Write a poem or flash fiction every week

-Keep my podcasting to a minimum

Weekly Accomplishments:


Biting Cool of Fall – A poem.

I struggled so much with this one. Is it too short? Is it any good? I wonder how it reads to people. I wanted to extend it, but the things I did to lengthen it felt like padding. I decided to leave it alone and stand by it. I might expand on it in the future, but I think the sentiment deserves to stand on its own. I like the idea of it becoming a refrain or stanza in a future poem.

Meddling Gringo – Captain America Comics #12 |STC 47

So Much Yellowface – Captain America Comics #13 |STC 48

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 1 |Fooly Operational 20

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 2 |Fooly Operational 21

The above podcast output is not what I would consider keeping things to a minimum, but this is merely a seasonal spike,

Query Counter MTM: 3

FAILURE Week ending 10-30-2020




Query Counter SGHT: 1

FAILURE Week ending 10-30-2020

10-23-2020 Deadline to response from Publisher – December 18, 2020!

Query Counter TDT: 0

FAILURE Week ending 10-30-2020

Read this week:

Captain America Comics #13

Writer: Stan Lee

Art: Al Avison

Spider-Gwen (2015) #1 and #2

Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Rico Renzi

By Aak
Stalker – Creepy, with an edge of vengeance

Size Matters – Fun and quirky

Swamp Hole – This made me grimace a little, that’s good stuff

Workoholic – This was an interesting one. Great design work on Robort, Aak! It was entertaining, thought provoking and a little irritating. I liked how it subverted my expectations. I was certain Robort was going to drill his boss, but he just went back to work instead. It feels a bit like a dig at those who still sleep, like Robort. I know a lot of volks, umm, uhh, I mean people feel a catharsis when the robots rise up in fiction because they are projecting onto it whatever group they want to see rise up and eat the rich or whatever the case is. I have sympathies towards revolution, but the goal for me is freedom. I am carving out my own path towards freedom with the things I am doing in my life and I am teaching my children to do the same. I have no desire to refute this tale, and I liked the dialogue in it, but in a way it just doesn’t go far enough. I like Robin Hood (in different forms) I, Robot (the movie, I haven’t gotten around to reading any Asimov yet) and justice in general, but I just don’t see violent overthrow as the path towards Utopia. In fact, I think further insurrection will lead to more authoritarian and fascistic takeovers. The manipulators of the current underclass (whichever it is at the moment) are just itching to crown themselves in the name of equality and I can’t help but think of all that while reading this short story. I still like it and Aak as a creator. That’s called nuanced and I think the world needs more of it.

Many a Little – This was really cool. It’s ironic that I like it so much, given how similar it is in theme to Workoholic.

By Kent Wayne
Musings 1526 – In everything, seek balance

Musings 1527 – As a writer, this made me laugh

Musings 1528 – I think it is safe to say that Kent and I come from very different places as far as what we would ascribe our spirituality to, but I do mostly agree with what he is saying here. In my studies and meditations, I have found that the Ancient of Days really does want us to be happy and lead lives full of joy. The sticking point is that we have to do that even in the midst of sorrow and suffering. To put it another way, my Bible-based faith doesn’t lead me to embrace suffering and reject hoy as an aesetic. My readings tell me that life will be full of hardships, but there is a better, easier path to follow that will lead to joy and through my faith, I can find joy in the moment in almost any circumstances.

Forever Ambered by Tony Single – There is a sweetness and melancholy in here I like a lot. I also enjoyed the idea of dandelion swirls. I don’t know what dandelion swirls are, but I guess I knew what they meant in the contect of the verses. Isn’t that weird?

Genetic by Frank Solanki


  1. Hey! Thanks a lot!
    Interesting analysis of the story about Robort. I mostly agree with you. We definitely need to work towards freedom, with emphasis on universality. (I strongly believe one does not really exist without the other. I mean, Stalin was literally free to do whatever he wanted, but not many people would say that made Russia a free country. I’d even say that’s exactly what made Russia extremely oppressed),
    The story has a different angle than the typical machines doing rebellion stories indeed, and the reason is that the more I learn about AI, the less worried I become of any kind of takeover. I’m a lot more worried about the people in power than the technology they use 😀


    1. You’re talking my language here! The People really do have to watch the Politicians and stop from going too far. It’s interesting how the technology is leveraged by both sides. I hadn’t seen that as an angle you were coming from initially. That’s interesting.


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