The Story So Far |6

I decided to take a break. Sort of.

I am cranking out Fooly Operational Analyses of The Mandalorian season 1. I was late to do that so I could watch and analyze season two at a reasonable pace. I am mostly going to be able to do that I am not quitting or getting distracted from writing by shiny objects. I am still on the course. I am just pausing at a rest stop. When I last checked in I had realized I need to brush up on outlining. I didn’t do that. I did however, line up another dozen or so agents and publishers who might make a good fit for my manuscripts. That definitely counts as working on my writing career. It took a few hours to do and it wasn’t fun. I am excited because I think some publishers and agents could be a very good fit for me. Regardless here we are.

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 5 |Fooly Operational 24

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 6 |Fooly Operational 25

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 7 |Fooly Operational 26

Revisiting The Mandalorian Chapter 8 |Fooly Operational 27

My work schedule was a bit intense this week as well, so I haven’t been twitching with excitement to get to the next thing. This rush of Mando episodes is part of my plan to tighten up and create a more sustainable schedule for myself. I need to balance the work of writing, the the work of podcasting and everything else to keep me and my family fed. I think doing this glut of Mando season 1 reviews helped me hone my process a little. At least on the podcasting front. It definitely has me never wanting to set myself up for this kind of pressurized situation again. I need to be more clever about scheduling.

Peace and blessings to you. I’m off for the weekend. Go enjoy your life, the days are short!


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