Henshin Ninja Arashi 01 Analysis| #CelebrateIshinomori 2021

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As I continue to #CelebrateIshinomori I analyze the very first episode of Henshin Ninja Arashi: Wild Attack! Sea Monster Ninja! Poison Moray Eel!

In the Edo period, a time of relative peace and prosperity, a shadowy evil group of ninja known as the Blood Wheel Clan plot to destroy the peace of Japan and create chaos using an ancient art of transformation. This power gives the Clan’s warriors the ability to become half human and half animal monsters and overpower all who oppose them. One of their followers plots against them by teaching his son Hayate this art so that his body can take on the form of a birdman named Arashi to fight them. Upon learning of this betrayal, Hayate’s father is murdered and young Hayate vows revenge against the evil clan he once served under, waging war against them as the Transforming Ninja, Arashi. The show ran for 47 episodes from April 7, 1972- February 23, 1973

There is a MANGA too!

This is part of the Celebrate Ishinomori initiative.

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