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This is MJ, I’m an author, I’m an artist, I’m an analyzer. I have a deep affection for Henshin Heroes. Kamen Rider hooked me about 11 years ago and I have been enjoying Tokusatsu ever since. Tokusatsu has influenced my writing, my character designs, the way I think about stories and my personal life to an extent.

Henshin Inspection is a slow burn project. There are multiple series that fall under the umbrella of Henshin Inspection, such as Rider Tears, Sampling Super Sentai and Going Ultra. Those shows are more simple reactions to the content. I will collect data to add to my overall Henshin Inspection as I gather my thoughts on the genre and what exactly it means and how it is expressed through a variety of stories.

Check out the #CelebrateIshinomori initiative.

Visit my RedBubble store for some designs I have made. I am working on making a whole series of Comic stuff that I think you’ll like.

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