Theme + Beginnings and Endings 1 |WIP RISE and FALL


Play the hand you are dealt. I hear themes should be formed as questions, so I guess the question that RISE Hero and FALL Hero struggle with is: how will you play the hand you are dealt?


How does RISE begin and end?

RISE begins with Kan being a young man of humble origins. He has unhappily resigned himself to a life of empty survival. One day, he realizes that he has the ability to influence carry out his will. He quickly realizes the potential of this gift and plans to use it to become someone loved and respected. Someone who can have whatever he wants.

RISE ends with Kan exerting his will on his former allies who no longer wish to work with him because he has lost sight of what their original mission was. The allies tries to stand against him and he bends them to his will. This ends his partnership with this like-minded band of fellow travellers and begins his tyranny over them. He turns them all into puppets and undertakes a campaign against a target none of them would have been ok with attacking. One of them breaks from his control and he chooses to kill him because it is the only way to maintain control over the entire crew. Of course, this was the person who he was closest to, but his obsession to be in control transformed him into the very thing swore to destroy.

How does FALL begin and end?

FALL begins with the ransacking of an ordinary village which results in the vanishing and assumed death of two of the villagers. Laz is grieved because one of tbe missing people is a girl he admired from afar. He had a sort of rivalry with her older sister. After her apparent death…

The designation of “WIP” stands for both “Work in Progress” and “Writing In Public” as I will be publishing and updating these posts as I write them. I might mark off each update to track my progress. I started working on Theme + Beginnings and Endings February 5, 2021. I really only set up the document on that date. February 11, I actually did most of the work. February 12 I scheduled this post to go out later. It was morning when I did that and I was planning to add a little more to the FALL section. I hope more has been added by that time. The arbitrary deadline is making for some enjoyable pressure and tension for me.

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