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Some questions sparked by The High Republic: Star Wars: The Light of the Jedi

Was it moral for Loden to violently coerce the security force of the well-off family in the Hetzal System?

Is this how a Jedi should behave?

Does this serve the light?

Does this define the height of the Jedi? Does it mark the beginning of their downfall?

Loden Greatstorm and Bell Zettifar’s Dilemma in the Hetzal System, with the crowd wanting access to the wealthy family’s ship, is interesting. Loden violates the NAP. How is that in line with the Will of the Force. Other than the fact that Soule isn’t a AnCap or other and that this is all contrived. How does this all work? I think this a fun philosophical question to discuss.

The Non-Aggression Principle, or NAP, is the belief that individuals should be free to act as they choose with the exception that they may not initiate force, or the threat of force, against another person or their property. Like the Golden Rule, the NAP can be a beacon of light to guide each of us through the journey of a lifetime.

RIDE THE STORM – design inspired by The Nihil from Light of the Jedi

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