Rough Draft 1 |WIP Eva and the Glowbug

  1. Eva is tucked in

“Sleep tight sweety.” was the last thing Eva heard for a long time before she tried to go to sleep.

Dad had fluffed her pillow, mom had tucked her in and she was cozy, but she just wasn’t sleepy enough.

She had learned by now that “sleep tight” meant “stay in bed and don’t get out,” but it was hard to stay in bed, it was hard to go to sleep. She wasn’t a baby anymore and she knew mommy and daddy were still awake. She wanted to be with them.

Eva whispered to herself:

“Sleep, sleep, sleep.”

“Sleep, sleep, sleep.”

“Sleep, sleep, sleep.”





  1. Eva saves the Glowbug

Eva bolted up and looked at the window. Her eyes danced around as they tracked a wild flashing and glowing. She threw off the covers and ran to the window. A strange bug flapped glittery wings frantically and scrambled all over the glass. Something else banged against the glass.

“HELP!” a small voice cried out

Eva slid the window open a few inches and the bug flitted in.

“CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT!” the voice cried out frantically

Eva froze for a moment, then slammed it shut.

A rapid tapping on the glass made her shrink back.

The little bug flew to the window sill and fanned out its wings for a few moments. It glowed with a warm golden light and the tapping from outside slowed down. Eva could barely see a small set of glinting eyes on the other side of the glass. The eyes turned away as the light grew stronger. With a bright flash, the tapping stopped and the mysterious bug quietly folded up its wings and the light slowly faded.

  1. Eva meets Glowbug

In stunned silence, Eva watched the bug. She didn’t want to blink. Would it vanish if she didn’t keep looking?

“Thank you for helping me.”

“Y-you’re welcome.” Eva mumbled.

“Please speak up.”

“What are you?” she whispered.

“If you want to be heard, you need to speak up.”

Eva frowned, then whispered loudly “They want me to be asleep right now.”

  1. Eva’s dad checks on her

The floor creaked outside her door and her father called in, “I hope you’re still in bed”

He opened the door and saw her standing by the window.

“How many…:” he trailed off. “Were you scared?”

She nodded.

He smiled and softened his tone. “Let me help you get back in bed, sweetheart.” He picked Eva up and tucked her in.

“Spray?” she asked

He scanned the room for a few moments and saw the bottle by the window. “Is that why you were up?”

She blinked.

“Here you go.” he set the bottle next to her and patted her hand. “You’re safe with us.” He kissed her on the forehead and closed the door behind him as he left.

  1. Eva and Glowbug talk about shadow spray and how it should be called Anti-shadow spray instead
  2. Eva gets scared as she realizes the shadows really are real
  3. The shadows grow powerful and get into her room
  4. Glowbug saves Eva, but passes out
  5. Eva wards the shadows off with the spray
  6. Eva hears screams and sees that her parents were taken by the shadows
  7. Eva goes to Glowbug for help, but she is weak and slowly recovering
  8. Glowbug tells Eva she needs her help to recover and fight off the shadows
  9. Eva doesn’t know what to do to help. Eva gets geared up and heads out to save her parents, taking along Glowbug along to protect her as best as she can (This will be a cut suiting up scene)
  10. Eva treks out to find her parents. Glowbug guides her or gives her advice. As Eva gets closer to her parents, her fear grows as do the shadows
  11. Eva sets her fear aside and uses her courage and imagination to make the Glowbug grow to a mighty size. The glowbug and the mass shadow struggle. Eva helps with her spray and cheers on the glowbug until the shadows fade away
  12. Glowbug returns Eva and her parents home. Eva tucks them in and cuddles next to them and goes to sleep confident that she can face her fear of the shadows from now on. Glowbug gives her a kiss on the forehed and leaves the family as she heads off into the distance.

The designation of “WIP” stands for both “Work in Progress” and “Writing In Public” as I will be publishing and updating these posts as I write them. I might mark off each update to track my progress.

I need to keep at this manuscript, but having the outline to go off of feels really good.

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